These awards are very dear to my heart, and I can not thank those who bestowed them upon me enough. It is with a great sense of honor that I display them here. They are linked to the appropriate site for each... so please... take a minute to visit these wonderful people.

Hosp.Corps.Brotherhood award
January 14,1998
Bless You, Tony
March 10,1998
Luv ya bro

April 18,1998
Thanks Doc Stanberry
April 18,1998
Thanks Doc Stanberry

Received: June 17,1998
Thanks Dave

Gehlen's eagle awardGehlen's Diamond award
Received June 27,1998
Thank you Gehlen
Received June 27,1998
Thank you Gehlen

U.S. Wings AwardMusicians net award
Received: June 27,1998
Thank you David
Received:June 28,1998
Thank you

sigint award
Received July 1,1998
Thank you
Received: July 6, 1998
Thank you Linda

Grandpa Chuck's awardhomepage club award
Received:July 10,1998
Thank you Chuck
Received: July 19,1998
Thanks Canuck

Coyote's Numero Uno Award
Thanks Tony
luv ya bro

Received: July 28,1998
Bless you Gary

Golden Cadueces Award
Received: 8/22/98
Thanks Tony...
luv ya bro
Received:Aug. 26,1998
Thank you

Suzies Symbol of Victory
Bless you Suzie
Received: Oct.18,1998
Thank you Faith

fmf corpsman sick bayJoni, Please except this AWARD for all
your hard work "getting the word
out" on the net about your Hospital Corps,
and country. Also for helping
others that needed help. Your are a TRUE
PATRIOT and I'm proud to have
met you On Line.
Take care, Skip
Received:Oct 23,1998
Thanks Skip

Received: June12,1999
Thank You John
Received: June26,1999
Thank You Sandy

[Yofee Website Merit Award!]
Received: July 14,1999
Thank you Yofee & Marty

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