Welcome to my active duty service
links. I have tried to collect what
I could for most branches of services
and will be adding more as I find
ones that should be useful and
interesting, so please check back
frequently for updates.

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U.S. Navy Security U.S. Navy Links U.S. Air Force Links
U.S. Air Force HDQ U.S. Airforce Public Links Mil-Cat Air Force Directory
U.S. Marine Corps Links U.S.Marine Corps Reunions Army Instalations Online
Navy Online Air Force Major Commands Defense Finance & Accounting Services
Department of the Air Force Department of the Army Department of the Navy
Healthcare Marine Corps Information Military Family Page
Navy News Letter Incredible assortment of Military links Agent Orange Families Home Page
Army Installations Online Denny's Desert Storm Page Desert Storm Photo Album
Lt Col. Robbin Higgins page In Country Women (trib to mil women) Lost & Found- locate old
buddies and commanders
The Fall of Saigon Vets Helping Vets Vietnam Veterans
Message Board
Vietnam Era
POW/MIA Database
Vets on Net
Chat Room
Vets News &
Info Center
Veteran's Employment
Veterans Affairs
U.S. Veterans
Retired Enlisted
Vietnam War
Internet Project
The Veteran's
Chat Line
National Vets
Legal Services
National Veterans
Disabled American

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