The Genology
of the
Huffman Family

  I Joseph H.W. Huffman                      1805/09-22-1883  
   m Mary Montogomery                        1807/09-22-1875  

   II10 Jethro Harvey Huffman          03-25-1848/11-28-1909  
        m Julia Richards                         /04-07-1909  
        III1 Charles Koester Huffman   06-14-1878/12-28-1961  
        III2 Emma Huffman              06-14-1878/07-01-1878  
        III3 Joseph Franklin Huffman   04-20-1880/      1881  
        III4 Walter Phillip Huffman    01-28-1882/03-15-1961  
        III5 Doe B. Huffman            09-10-1884/06-26-1886  
        III6 Alva Levi Huffman         07-05-1887/03-20-1961   

Jethro Harvey Huffman was born March 25, 1848 in Carroll County, Indiana. He moved withhis family in 1855 to Iowa. What an experience for this lad of seven years to make this long trip form Indiana to Iowa by covered wagon and find his new home a wild lonely stretch of unfenced prairie land with no road and inhabited by Indians and wild animals and a few scattered settlers.

He attended the school at Chickasaw. He grew up helping on his fathers farm. Later he went to Kansas ans on August 14, 1877 was married to Julia Richards In Marshall County.

He moved to Westmoreland, Kansas in 1898 and resided there until his death November 28, 1909.

Jethro's son Walter died in 1961 in a Veterans' Hospital in California. His son, Charles and family lived in Wichita, Kansas. Charles died there in 1961. His widow and daughter Julia reside there. Charles' grandson Frank Alfred is in the United States Servic and is stationed in Turkey. Alva Levi lived in California and died in 1961. His widow lives at Lomita, California.

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