The Genology of the Huffman Family

   I Joseph H.W. Huffman                 ??-??1805/09-22-1983
     m Mary Montgomery                   ??-??-1807/09-03-1875
      II8 Humphrey M. Huffman            07-22-1832/10-16-1912
         m Mary Ann Beckwith
           III4 Levi G. Huffman          04-13-1864/09-29-1905  
           III5 Joseph Huffman
Humphery M. Huffman was born in Indiana. He was 23 years old when his arents moved to Iowa. He attended the Chickasaw school and used to tell tales of the early school life.

Humphery enlisted in the Union Army. He belonged to the Fife and Drum Corps and played fife or drum on marches. Hie drum may be seen at the Historical Society museum near the Little Brown Church.

He married Mary Ann Beckwith. Their three oldest died in a Scarlet fever epedimic when quite young.

Humphrey adn his family lived on a farm near Bassett Iowa. Allare buried in the Beckwith Cemetary north of Charles City,IA. His son Joseph moved to Montana and is buried there.
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