The Genology of the
Huffman Family


       I Joseph H.W.Huffman                          1805/09-22-1833 
         m Mary Montgomery                           1807/09-03-1875
           II2 Henry W. Huffman                      1833/      1863
               m Adelia Daniels                      1836/      1913
                 III1 Joseph Henderson Huffman  4-17-1854/02-02-1937
                 III2 Eli Benjamin Huffman      1-28-1857/12-04-1916
                 III3 John (Happy Jack) Huffman         /1927 0r 1928
                 III4 Rachel Louisa Huffman    3-17-1861/01-13-1950
                 III5 Martha (Mattie) Huffman  1-02-1863/07-04-1955    
Henry W. Huffman was born in 1833 in Greenfield, Ohio. At 2 years of age his parents moved to Carrol County, Indiana. Here he received his education. He married Adelia Daniels in 1853.

To Henry and Adelia five shildren were born--Joseph, Eli, Happy Jack, rachel and Mattie. The oldest child was born at Delhi, Indiana. They moved to Iowa but we have no record of when.

Henry enlisted in the Union Army in the Civil War and died os a sickness while in the service of his country in 1863, the same year his daughter Mattie was born.

He is buried in the Chalmet Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana, in an unmarked grave.

Henry's children were raised in a Soldiers Orphans Home at Cedar Falls, Iowa, in what is now the Administration building of State College of I owa.

Joseph, Eli and Happy Jack homesteaded in South Dakota. Eli moved to North Dakota in a covered wagon in 1888, when when Ranaldo was 5 years old.

Rachel lived in Minnesota and Canada. Her family reside in both places. Happy jack lived in South Dakota and operated lumber yards. Mattie lived in Bassett, Iowa for many years then went to Inglewood, California where she passed away at the age of 92 years after several years of blindness. She was tenderly cared for in her beautiful home in Inglewood by her daughter, Maude. Maude is now married to Capt. J.W. Haynes and they live in a modern trailer court at Hemet, only a few miles form Inglewood. Capt. Haynes had a stroke and is in a veterans hospital. Joseph Henderson lived in South Dakota, Canada, Colorado and California. His wife is buried in Canada and he is buried in California. He made his home the last 14 years with his son David and wife in California.

Many of Henry W. Huffman's grandsons were in the service in WWII, Both in the United States and in Canada. Of those we know, two won the Purple Heart Award--Lee Benjamin Huffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee Huffman and Lawrence Francis Loendorf, their son -in -law. They had 4 sons in the service.

Renaldo Harvey Granger, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gee Aaron Granger, was killed in France
Aug 22,1944 in the same war. He was from Canada.

Adelia, widow of Henry W. Huffman, married Dan Guyer in 1865. To them were born three sons--Frank Stanley Guyer who lived in Waterloo, Iowa; Charles Guyer who lived in Wisconsin; and george guyer who lived in Charles City, Iowa.

William E. Huffman, son of Joseph Henderson huffman was killed by lighteniing in Ohio in 1921. His first wife died in 1908 after giving birth to twin daughters and in the same year, 1908. The twins and their older brother died of scarlet fever. Later William married Marta Leavell.


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