The Genology of the Huffman Family


  I Joseph H.W.Huffman                          1805/09-22-1833
    m Mary Montgomery                           1807/09-03-1875

     III Josephus Bradstan  Huffman       12-02-1830/01-30-1904
          m Mary Jane Gillam              03-28-1836/03-23-1917

        III 1 Mary Elizabeth Huffman     11-17-1856/06-09-1917
        III 2 John Wesley Huffman        04-20-1858/05-09-1935
        III 3 Franeena L. Huffman              1860/08-06-1877
        III 4 Joseph Thomas Huffman      05-23-1862/10-12-1942
        III 5 Viola J. Huffman                 1863/      1865
        III 6 George Grant Huffman       01-17-1868/02-08-1944
        III 7 Charles Fremont Huffman    01-17-1868/12-10-1928
        III 8 Nelson Huffman             05-13-1871/12-07-1938
        III 9 Reuben Huffman                   1873/02-12-1899
        III10 Josephus C. Huffman        06-02-1875/02-25-1959
Josephus Bradstan Huffman was born in Greenfireld, Ohio on December 2,1830. When five years of age the family moved by covered wagon to Carroll County, Indiana. Here he recieved his education. On February 14,1856 he mar ried Mary Jane Gilliam
and on May 4,1856 they came to Chickasaw County,Iowa to join his father and family who came here in preceeding year.

He was always a farmer and a man of great industry and honesty.

Josephus and his bride first lived on the Hines farm; later moving to his own homestead one mile east of Chickasaw and one mile south. This was the home of Joseohus and Mary Jane all their lives; also the home of Josephus C., his youngest son, and now of his grandson Lyle and family.

At the time of his death he owned 680 acres of land, part of which was bought from the government.

Their seven sons were farmers and all lived near the old home. But John had asthma so bad he was compelled to move to North Dakota in 1902. All of John's family live in North Dakota but Clarance who lives in Nashau, Iowa and Lucy lives in California.

Josephus Bradstan Huffman and wife are buried in the Cedarview Cemetery, Chickasaw. Most of his children and families are at rest in Greenwood Cemetery near Nashua,Iowa.

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