Thank-You, for stopping by my sweetheart's page. I like to introduce you to him. My sweetie's name is Kenth and he lives in Sweden. Now I bet you're going to ask me how I ended up with a Sweetie that is so far away. Well I found an ad in the classified section written by a man who was looking for a lady friend to talk e-mail but, he was looking for someone in Sweden.

Well I was just looking for friends and took a chance and wrote to him to see if he would write to me in E-mail. I explained that I was looking for friends all over the world. I really didn't expect a reply because I wasn't the person he was looking for. But 2 weeks later here came an e-mail from the man in Sweden saying he would like to talk to me but he wouldn't write often just once in awhile and that his English might not be that good.

He did have a slight problem sometimes trying to tell me something but I was able to figure out what he meant. He would take maybe a couple of weeks to a month to answer. As soon as I got Kenth's letter I would write right back.
: ) Than he sent another e-mail explaining that he couldn't answer right away it may take him some time to answer my mail. I wrote back and said I know, I just like to answer my mail as soon as I get it. I told Kenth that it was ok, he could write when he had time. Than the letters slowly started to come more often and more than just one.

Our friendship grew the letters became more frequent. With every letter I could see improvement with Kenth's English. We have been friends for over 3 years now and sometimes it is hard to tell Kenth is Swedish. LOL I tease him about that sometimes. Kenth just laughs about it. We have laughed, cry, and shared our lives together. He has been here for me from one boyfriend to another. From one heartbreak to another. Than in June of last year Kenth told me he loved me. :) He said if I would give him TIME he would give me the rest of his life. But I wasn't sure someone new had come into my life. Kenth said he understood and he loved me anyway. That I had changed his life.

In December Kenth and I had had a misunderstanding about my current boyfriend and he just left talking to me right in the middle of a conversation. I thought I had lost him and was crying to my adpoted net sister Peggy about it. When he came back on 15 minutes later apologized for leaving that way and we talked it out. That is when I realized I loved Kenth. I decided to give Kenth that TIME he asked for in December after I got my heart broken again.

I'm glad I made that decision. In February, Kenth asked me to marry him. Smiling Big with tears in my eyes!! Can you guess what I told him?????? If not I said YES!! YES!! YES!!!

Now I am waiting to meet him in person for the first time. He should be here sometime this year. We had it planned for July but some things have come up and we have to change our meeting to another time this year. Hopefully by this time next year Kenth will be living here. If you would like to visit him he is known as
The Swedish General

I LOVE YOU_______KENTH!!!!!!!!


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