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WELCOME! To the McDonald Ranch.
Oh, so you thought all McDonald's had a farm.
Well not this McDonald. This one has a ranch! ha ha ha
I'd Like you to meet my Brother Arnie and his wife Sue.


Arnie and Sue McDonald

This is there new home they built in 1998.
They own 60 acres of land.

There home is really nice. Arnie has always liked horses. Even when he was just a little boy. There use to be horse up the road from where we lived and he use to get apples, sugar cubes and carrots from our kitchen to go and feed the horse. But the man who owned the horse finally asked him not to do that becasue the horse wouldn't respond to the owner any more only Arnie.

Now after all these years Arnie has his own horses. Not just one horse but about 30 of them. He also has 2 donkeys. You can find all kinds of animals on there ranch. Kittens, Cats, a dog. Oh they had theses chickens that looked like punk rockers. They had feathers on top of there head that stood up. TO bad they didn't dye them different colors they could of started a Punk Rock Chicken band! ha ha ha But those chickens are gone now. Sue said one day that the chickens decided to take a hike across the field to the woods. Well I guess either they forgot to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find there way back or the chickens behind the leader ate the trail and they lost there way, becasue they never came back from there hike.

Now Arnie and Sue have 3 peacocks. A mom,Dad and baby. the dad peacock likes to get up on the roof of the house and make noise. One day the dad peacock was up on the roof bellowing and the neighbors thought that Sue was hollering for help. They were ready to call 911 when they remembered that Arnie and Sue had gotten peacocks. So if you go by there home and you hear someone hollering for help it's probably just the dad peacock. Please don't call 911 unless you know for sure that it's a real cry for help.

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Family Reunion at the Sabar Ranch

Below you will see Arnie and Sues business card. If you click on that or the ranch banner on top of the page you can go to there home on the net and see what they have to offer. They buy, sell,trade horses and they offer breeding services.


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