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Santa bear says that you should please help your self to a Christmas present. If you like you may put a link back to my home so others may come and get there present.


Santa Bear Adopted from~TAMI~


In Memory Of My Brother

Meet My Love Of My Life

Do you love CHOCOLATE??? Check out my CHOCOLATE page.


Backgrounds I Made.

Beanie Baby Trivia Game

Here's whats cooking!!!

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Most of my graphics I haven't made but got them from others. I take no credit for them. You can find the creators on my Credits page. If I haven't given you credit please let me know so that I can give you the credit that you deserve. I am sorry if I have forgotten anyone.

All the pages you are about to see once you enter my home were created by me. Please don't copy them. I have put a lot of myself into these pages.

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