I Joseph H.W. Huffman                 ??-??1805/09-22-1983
     m Mary Montgomery                   ??-??-1807/09-03-1875
     m Amelia Peterson                   05-19-1828/09-22-1913

      II1  Josephus Bradstan Huffman     12-02-1830/01-30-1904
      II2  Henry W. Huffman              ??-??-1833/00-00-1863
      II3  Mary Ann Huffman (Carey)      ??-??-????/??-??-????
      II4  Levi H. Huffman               06-12-1836/04-20-1916
      II5  Florence Huffman               deceased at 3 years
      II6  Alfred H. Huffman             06-05-1838/10-08-1867
      II7  Aaron Huffman                 ??-??-1843/??-??-????
      II8  Humphrey M. Huffman           07-22-1832/10-16-1912
      II9  Reuben St. John Huffman       12-02-1845/02-10-1921
      II10 Jethro Harvey Huffman         03-25-1848/11-28-1909
    Joseph H. W. Huffman and family lived at Greenfield, Ohio.
They moved to Buck Creek, Carroll County,Indiana in 1835. 
In 1855 they moved to Chickasaw county,Iowa near where the
town of Chickasaw now is.  The old homestead still stands.
It is across the road north from the Hines farm and about
1/2 mile east of Chickasaw. They were amoung the first settlers
of Chickasaw County.

   He was a shoemaker by trade and a farmer. In later years he
was a circuit rider minister.

   Joseph and Mary Huffman had 8 sons and 2 daughters--one
daughter dying in infancy. One son, Aron with his family moved
to California; one son, Jethro went to Kansas and made his home;
Henry W's family homesteaded in South Dakota and later went west
and North. The other children of Joseph H. W. Huffman settled on
farms near the parental homestead in Chickasaw County,Iowa.

   Four sons enlisted in the Union Army in the Civil War. Henry
and Alfred were killed in that war.  Levi and Humphery returned
making there homes near Chickasaw.

   Joseph H.W. Huffman and his two wives are buried in the 
Chickasaw County. At the Cedar View Cewmetary, town of Chickasaw.

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                Unit 1  Josephus Bradstan Huffman 
                Unit 2  Henry W. Huffman             
                Unit 3  Mary Ann Huffman(Carey)  
                Unit 4  Levi H. Huffman              
                Unit 5  Alfred H. Huffman 
                Unit 6  Aaron Huffman                
                Unit 7  Humphrey M. Huffman 
                Unit 8  Reuben St. John Huffman       
                Unit 9  Jethro Harvey Huffman    
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