The Genology
of the
Huffman Family


what was going on far and near. And this same store was post office--- receiving and sending mail. There wew few newspapers, the that day. And the pioneer was deeply intrested in politics and what happened in this and other countries.

in this same store one could buy groceries,hardware,cloth.crocks and jars, almost any pioneer need and here he could sell eggs, butter, and most staple things.

The mill is gone but the old store with its hewn native timbers still stands in Chickasaw. What tales it could tell of those old stage coach days!

The pioneers knew Bradford, too---A thriving town and the largest town west of the Mississippi River in Iowa. Bradford had the acedemy, which still stands,for higher education, a school, the famed Little Brown Church-- one of the earliest chhurch buildings in Iowa--- a post office, several country stores, a drug store, a blacksmith, and an organ factory.

One of the organs built here is in the Little Brown Church today.

Ooour grandparents knew the thrill of the first railroaad to come through here and the town of Dover grew beside it. Later it was named Ionia for postal reasons, there being another Dover in Iowa.

We should all be deeply grateful and proud of our pioneer ancestors.

This book is in nine units---each unit containing the family of a child of Joseph H.W. Huffman. They are in order of age.

Roman numerals indicate the generation of that person and the Arabic numeral the place in the family.

This book has been made possible by a committee so authorized and upheld by the Huffman Family Reunion. We appreciate the help so generously given by several of you. With out this help it would have been impossible.

Ray huffman, President
Hallie Smith,Ester Boeck,Lesta Crooks,Ernest Huffman

Note: I have had no hand in creating this book. I was very young when this book was made. Some families I am sure have lost there book and it wasn't passed down to their family members. I have been working on updating my portion of the book and will add those additions when I get to my unit and will also not that it has been updated on that page. If you belong to this Huffman family and would like to have your section updated for other family members please send me the information and tell me where the updates go. There have been many years gone by since this book was created. If you have any old photos to add please fell free to pass them along. You can reach me at

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