The Genology
of the
Huffman Family

The information you are about to read comes from my Huffman Genology book that was produced in 1963 after a Huffman Family Reunion. As far as I know these books aren't available any more.

With deep Gratitude we dedicate thhis book to our pioneer ancestors for the hertage they gave us, that cost so much courage.toil and self-sacrifice. May we devote our lives as well for coming generations.


This geneology is not just names and dates. Read it and study it. This book is the history of our family and of our developing country, always moving West and Pioneering.

Many were the interesting tales of their pioneer life told to us by our parents. Theses were living stories of there pioneer lives and of the beauty and the dangers of the unbroken,unfenced prairie land. They told us of the buffalo herds roaming about,Indian visitors, prairie animals and bird life, the wild flowers, the wild berries and woods grown foods they gathered, the team of oxen yoked together, bob sleds, heavy wooden wagons, the sod breaking plows and early machines, the acres and acres of weat, the spinning wheel and looms for making yarn and cloth, sewiiing clothes by hand with fine stitches, the home built furniture made by grandfather, their getting wood for fuel and for building, gooing to neithbors with there fire shovel for hot coals if your fire died out, the old cook stove with the door that swung sideways on hinges, and had high legs high enough the boys liked to lie under it to get warm and the letters on the dooe were patiently taught to the children, the blizzards that swept the open prairies, the prairie fires, the long trips to McGregor with loads of wheat, the cutting, stacking and threshing of the wheat. They told of the early school---it;s hard hewn bench seats and the heating stove where all crowded round to keep warm in the winter and the long birch rod that was used freely to keep order. Even of the boy who crept though the window one night ans stold the teacher's rod. But she produced another immediately and used it more severely. WE enjoyed the spelldowns with them, how the older folks studied the spellingbook for that evenings spelldown.

There were stories of the camp meetings held in some open place with shade enough they could stay all day and bring their dinner. There were quilting bees and parties in there homes. And there were the times of sickness when some one learned in using herbs and home remedies was appreciated.

It was a rugged life demanding strength of body, mind and spirit in each one.

The early Huffmans located around the town of Chickasaw,IA. IT was a quite a town then. Here was the school attended by many for miles around in each direction. Here was the flour and grist mill, so valuable to early settlers. Here was the country store--the gathering place to visit neighbors or strangers from the stage coach. For this was the stage coach stop. They were eager to know

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