I'm just learning how to make backgrounds. These are the first ones I have created. Let me know what you think. Any tips I would appreciate them.

To center your material on border backgrounds you can use an invisible gif adn a special code so that your writting won't end up on the border. Here is the invisible gif.

This is how you put it on your page. BODY BGCOLOR="white" BACKGROUND="lovebearrsback.jpg"> table>img src="invisible.gif" height=0 width=190> /td> td> and at the bottom of the page add: /body> /td> /tr> /table> /html> Don't forget to enclose them in both< >


In Memory Of My Brother

Meet My Love Of My Life

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Backgrounds I Made.

Beanie Baby Trivia Game

Here's whats cooking!!!

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This Teddybear background wasn't made by me.

All the pages you are about to see once you enter my home were created by me. Please don't copy them. I have put a lot of myself into these pages.

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