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Much more ethereal and sophisticated than her multi-million selling debut, Jewel's brand new album Spirit is a delicate and mature album with scintillating and oh-so-thought-provoking lyrics. Jewel's debut, Pieces of You, was different than Spirit in that it portrayed a heartbroken songbird (beautifully, though!), and was more of a pace through love and misfortune than an adventure through life, like Spirit seems to delineate. Jewel ponders over more important matters on her new album, like self-respect, family love, and reality, with her transluscent voice gliding over pure and soothing melodies just like fudge on ice cream. Spirit shines with lovely, poetic verses and swaying beats, and is the kind of album that you fall in love with the first time you listen to it. It's also the kind of album you can easily sing along to, and Jewel's emotional voice even brings tears to your eyes in many songs. Take track #2, "What's Simple Is True" and one of the album's best, in which Jewel uses her softly lilting voice to heighten the feeling. Another beauty on this album is "Kiss the Flame," where Jewel tells us to "embrace the faceless, the unnamed." "Barcelona" is an uplifting and touching song, and song #12, "Do You," is rich lyrically and calls to mind the simplicity and carefreeness of many songs on Pieces of You. For die-hard Pieces of You fans out there, I'm sorry to disappoint you but there is no ‘I brushed my teeth and put the cap back on' stuff on Spirit; but more of ‘the more I live, the more I know' kind of stuff, and that's the real stuff. And that's the real Jewel.


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