Like the Cranberries?

You'll like . . . 

Static and Silence by The Sundays

Fun and slightly sugary, the Sunday's newest album, Static and Silence, is one yummy cookie. Although the band does not have as great essence and deepness as the Cranberries do, the Sundays portray the same kinds of feelings and almost exactly the same kinds of sounds, though not so fast and pulse-racing as the Cranberries albums have. This album is a laid-back, sit-back, relax and close your eyes kind of an album. Not too slow, and not too fast. Just right!

Slide by Lisa Germano

A bit more dark and ethereal than the Cranberries, Lisa's music inspires reflections on everyday happiness and sadness. Embellished with basically the same kinds of instruments the Cranberries use, Lisa Germano's newest album Slide is comfortably contemplative.

Universal by Moa

Cool singers and bands are never in a mold! That's why I also recommend Moa, an Icelandic singer whose newest band album, Universal, is as cool as an Icelandic record can get--and it's cooool! With a voice like Bjork's and a voice and jazzy style reminiscent of Gwen Stefani, Moa's album is one that anyone can enjoy. Buy Moa's newest awesome album from CDnow right now!

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