what fans 
say about the new album

The Cranberries never cease to amaze and delight their fans.  
Their clean-cut, consistent trademark is obvious on their newest
 album Bury the Hatchet--a true rocking gem.  From 
familiar sounds ("Animal Instinct") to new territory ("Dying in 
the Sun"), this band has got us quite content.  There are those 
who dislike this album, but most fans love it--as seen from the 
following comments from fans around the globe . . .

"I thought it was excellent.
It really shows the Cranberries'
true talents."

"...It lacked the hit songs of the first three
[and] seemed like a different style...it just
isn't in the same league."

"It was just as good as the other albums.  I
love it so much...everyone should have this album!"

"It's too poppish.  I guess I'd like it better if
it had more songs like 'Zombie' or something."

"I only like 'Delilah' and 'Dying in the Sun.'
The rest of the songs are boring and short."

"I recommend this album to anyone and everyone!
Even to people who aren't even Cranberries fans
to begin with.  It's that good!"

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