GoldfingerSean Connery as James Bond with Pussy Galore and Fort Knox.

James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No Mr. Bond! I expect you to die!

The President’s AnalystJames Cogburn - Brilliant satire of the 60's spy film.

Wynn Quantrill: (1967) I’m a liberal and these are liberal times. Liberal times call for liberal ideas. My neighbors, they’re so conservative. They ought to be gassed.

Doctor NoThe first James Bond movie.

James Bond: Moneypenny! What gives?
Miss Moneypenny: Me, given an ounce of encouragement.

Our Man FlintJames Coburn as Derek Flint.

Derek Flint: That eagle, why did he attack me?
Galaxy worker: He's been trained to recognize and attack Americans.
Derek Flint: An anti-American eagle. How diabolical!

The Spy Who Came in From the ColdRichard Burton. Probably the most authentic espionage film ever made.
You Only Live TwiceSean Connery as James Bond and the secret volcano lair that launches spaceships.

Nurse: Mr. Bond, I need a urine sample. If you could fill this beaker for me?
James Bond: From here?

Diamonds are ForeverSean Connery as James Bond in Las Vegas and the fight on the offshore oil platform.

Blofeld: The satellite is now over... Kansas. Well, if we blow up Kansas the world may not hear about it for years.

ThunderballSean Connery as James Bond and the sunken Vulcan bomber with nukes.

Miss Moneypenny: In the conference room. Something pretty big. Every double-o man in Europe has been rushed in. And the home secretary too!
James Bond: His wife probably lost her dog.

In Like FlintJames Coburn as Derek Flint.

[On hearing that the president has been replaced by an impostor.] Derek Flint: An actor? As president?

North by NorthwestAlfred Hitchcock film with Cary Grant attacked by a biplane, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason with a fight on the top of Mount Rushmore.
Three Days of the CondorRobert Redford as a reader for the CIA who becomes hunted as the result of a memo he writes. With Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson and Max Von Syndow.
The Parallex ViewWarren Beatty as a reporter set up as a patsy for a political assassination.
Murder’s RowDean Martin as Matt Helm
The SilencersDean Martin as Matt Helm
Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryMike Myers satire.

Austin Powers: Well, finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes, eh? Eh, comrades? Eh?

Austin Powers: Do you like to wash up a bit before? Personally, before I'm on the job I like to give me undercarriage a bit of a "How's your father."

Doctor Evil: It's Dr. Evil, I didn't spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called "mister," thank you very much.

Scott Evil: I just think, like, he hates me. I really think he wants to kill me.
Therapist:He doesn't really want to kill you. Sometimes we just say that.
Dr. Evil: No actually the boy is quite astute. I really am trying to kill him, but so far unsuccessfully. He's quite wily like his old man.

From Russia With LoveSean Connery as James Bond in Instanbul.

Tatiana: The mechanism is... Oh James, James... Will you make love to me all the time in England?
James Bond: Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.

The Man Who Knew Too MuchAlfred Hitchcock film with Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains
NotoriousAlfred Hitchcock.
SabateurAlfred Hitchcock film yet again about mistaken identity.
The Assassination BureauSpy spoof set in the 19th century.
Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise. The sequel be be out in 2000.
Live and Let DieRoger Moore as James Bond in Harlem and in the Louisiana swamp with flying speedboats.

Black Cab driver: You know where you're going?
James Bond: Uptown, I believe?
Cab driver: Uptown? You headed into Harlem!
James Bond: Well you just stay on the tail of that jukebox and there's an extra twenty dollars in it for you.
Cab driver: For twenty dollars I'll take you to a Ku Klux Klan cookout!

FirefoxClint Eastwood as a pilot smuggled into the Soviet Union to fly out a high tech jet. Half realistic spy movie. Half jet fighter action movie.
The Man With the Golden GunRoger Moore as James Bond with Christopher Lee

James Bond: How will I recognize him?
Andrea Anders: He's tall, dark and thin.
James Bond: So is my aunt.

The Spy Who Loved MeRoger Moore as James Bond with the ship that swallows submarines and the secret underwater lair.

Q: Now I want to to take good care of this equipment.
James Bond: Have I ever let you down, Q?
Q: Frequently.

The Living DaylightsTimothy Dalton as James Bond with the big drug shipment in Afghanistan.

Whitaker: You've had your eight, now I have my eighty!

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