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News for 10/18/99

I know it's been a while since I updated this site, but with schol and my social life, I've been busy. I will do some major updates this week.

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'99 Dawson's Creek Awards

I just remembered something. This site has been up a year since April 3 (I actually started it April 1, but I didn't make it public until April 3). As of April 4, 9:30 P.M.(Eastern Standard Time), I have gotten 25,869 visitors to this site. Thank You to all of the people who have come to this site and I hope you will keep coming back to this site for more information on Dawson's Creek.

Back in September, this kid, Jerry Hirata, sent me a nice email about how I'm gay because I watch Dawson's Creek. You can read the email here. Anyway, I decided to put up a vote and see what you visitors think about this. Please vote, I'm really curious to see the results.

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By the way, his email address is

Hi. This is My Dawson's Creek Page. I finally got most of this site up and running. I will add a few more things to this page in the near future.
Contents of My Page
Some of the other sites I've created are:

Jason's Celebrity Page

This is my friends webpage. It contains disney clipart. He has also contributed some Dawson's Creek and Felicity articles. He has a good site. Go take a look at it. Note: If you sign his guestbook, please say you were referred from this site.

This is one of my other friend's webpage. It contains a bunch of misc. stuff. It is a pretty good page.

Pleae vote for my site at the:

I listed my site at MSeek. It's an entertainment search engine. MSeek also lets you rate my site. Please rate my site. It means alot to me.
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Someone asked me to put this up for them. Its a link to a banner maker page. I never used it, but its a good idea. Check it out.

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Come back soon.

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