From that musical fertile city of Manchester have emerged a band with some serious attitude and talent. Oasis, led firmly from the front by the Brothers Gallagher, Noel and Liam, have left in their wake a trail of headline-making bad behaviour, but more importantly they have also created a string of infectious pop melodies and unforgettable riffs.
This original Sound and Media CD and book collection, brings you the band's early days working the club circuit, and follows their trailblazing upward path as the people's favourites and the critics choice, to the phenomenal multi-million selling (WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY?, victory in the "Battle of the Bands" with Blur and their succesful attack on the citadel of the USA.
The picture CD features an indepth interview with Noel and Bonehead in March 1995.


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