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I DO NOT STOCK any of these items but I have obtained a list of the collection that a local shop currently has on display. I have had several enquiries regarding this product that is why I have included it in my pages.
FOR OBVIOUS REASONS I am unable to quote a postage rate until the actual item has been purchased.
If there is an item that I have not listed below that is part of the collection - please email me and I will see if I can find it for you.

As and when I find pictures I will attach them to the items below.

Price Name
$113.00 Buttermilk Farm
$175.00 Canterbury Bells
$113.00 Chatsworth Bloom
$100.00 Devon Light
$100.00 Devon Leigh
$313.00 Harvest Home
$113.00 Hideaway
$150.00 Lochness Lodge lochness lodge
$113.00 Parsons Retreat parsons retreat
$138.00 Pottery Pottery
$125.00 Strawberry Teas strawberry teas
$338.00 Scotney Castle Garden - Limited Edition
$150.00 Waters Edge

$75.00 anchor
$95.00 Apothecary apothecary
$88.00 Bakers Shop
$43.00 Behave
$25.00 Best Friends best friends
$50.00 Birdlip Bottom
$93.00 Blue Boar blueboar
$88.00 Bobbins
$38.00 Boxwood Cottage
$88.00 Buckle My Shoes
$38.00 Campden Cottage
$70.00 Catkin Cottage
$25.00 Cockleshells
$63.00 Crathie Church Balmoral
$38.00 Free Range
$25.00 Golden Years golden years
$25.00 Granny's Bonnet granny's bonnet
$38.00 Gulls Cry
$43.00 Harebell Cottage
$95.00 Harriet's Cottage harriets cottage
$75.00 H Samuels Jewellers
$43.00 Hubble Bubble hubble bubble
$88.00 Kendall Tea House
$70.00 Lilac Lodge
$75.00 Mosswood
$75.00 Pawnbroker
$50.00 Pennys Post
$50.00 Poppies poppies
$25.00 Rose Bouquet rose bouquet
$75.00 Scotchmist scotchmist
$25.00 Silver Bells
$88.00 Sore Paws sore paws
$88.00 The Bakers Shop
$75.00 The Jewellers
$63.00 The Old Forge old forge
$43.00 Wagtails
$44.00 Wash Day
$50.00 Waterside Mill
$50.00 Wedding Bells

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