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The History of the 71st Infantry Division:

Activated July 15, 1943. Camp Carson, Colorado, with the artillery components made up of the mountain artillery units of the 601st, 602nd, 604th, and 605th FA Bns. and their mules, already stationed at Camp Carson and were later reorganized as the 607th, 608th, 609th FA Bns. These also cadred some of the 10th Mountain Division artillery at Camp Hale, Colorado. The historic and legendary 5th and 14th Infantry regiments along with the 66th infantry regiment which now has legends in its own right, made up most of the personnel.

Organized as a light division with 9,000 personnel and 1800 mules -- as a mountain division, transportation being the army mule with 75mm howitzers, schooled in mountain and jungle warfare. No motorized vehicles. Manuevered against the 89th Division in Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation near Camp Roberts, Californina.

In June,1944, reorganized as a mechanized triangular infantry division with 15,700 personnel. Infantry regiments increased from 2,075 to 3,350 and the artillery three artillery battalions swapped their 75mm howitzers for the larger 105mm howitzers and picked up the 564th FA Bn, which had 155mm guns. This conversion took place in Fort Benning, Georgia .

Deactivated March 11, 1946, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey



Entered combat near Luneville, France, sector with Seventh Army. With Rhine River crossing, joined Third Army for crossing Germany and Austria.



Bitche, France, breaching Maginot and Siegfried Lines; Lingenfield, Frankfurt, Coburg, Bayreuth, Amberg, Regensburg, Straubing. Austria: Reid, Lambach, Wels, Steyr.


River Assaults:

Main, Naab, Rhine, Danube, Regen, Isar, Inn, Enns.


Concentration Camps Liberated:

Straubing, Gunskirchen and more than 80 smaller camps in Austria


Other Distinctions:

Penetrated farther east than any other U.S. combat unit, accepted the surrender of the German Army Group South on May 7, 1945, one day prior to V.E. day. and total rout of the German Sixth SS division Nord.


Units within the Division:

5th, 14th, and 66th Infantry Regiments
607th, 608th, 609th and 564th Field Artillery Battalions
571st Signal Company
251st Quartermaster Company
371st Medical Battalion
271st Engineers
771st Ordnance Co
71st Cavalry Recon Troop

attached units:
81st Chemical Mortar Bn
530 Anti-aircraft Bn
635 Tank Destroyer Bn
761st Tank Battalion


71st Division Association Officers:

President: Bill Kasson, 14801 Grapeland Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44111- 2132
Vice President: Larry Martin, 2402 10th Ave., Marion, IA 52302 (319) 377-2321
email = lamamart@aol.com
Treasurer: Robert J LaPine, 845 Gardner Rd, Flossmoor, IL 60422-1359
Secretary: Robert D. Funke, 516 Vincent Rd S.E., Huntsville, AL 35802-2336
email = RFunke2246@aol.com
Historian: Leo T. Kissell, 6331 Mesedge Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919-1814
Editor, Red Circle News: Robert J LaPine: email = rlapine@ameritech.net

Annual Dues: $7.00 ; Initiation fee $5.00 (one time); Life Membership: $60.00

Announcements :

SEPTEMBER 2002 REUNION: ... September 25 - 29 at Lexington, Kentucky. Host Chairperson is Dorothy Swope (Mrs William Richard Swope at (859)254-8191. Email d.t.swope@worldnet.att.net for questions. A full schedule with many attractive side trips are scheduled. More as we progress...

RESULTS OF YOUR "COMMENTS" AND SEARCHES...we would like to hear the results of your questions and searches. If no response, we must remember that many do not have computers; however, relist !! Often, when we know the unit involved, we can use the roster to locate someone in your area. Keep trying !!

Links Of Interest:

1st Bn, 14th Inf Reg web page, the proud history of the Battalion, roster, and awards...even the dragons roar!
Web page of the 5th Infantry Regiment and its colorful history.
Mauthausen/Gusen Group : information on concentration camps in the area including Gunskirchen maintained by Rudolph Haunschmied, historian/authority, of Linz, Austria,
More on the many concentration camps within the Mauthausen group which includes Gunskirchen.
Division and regimental insignias for sale, including the 71st red circle cloth shoulder patch.
Military Bulletin Board : search for lost compatriots, reunions, etc.
A History of Winter and Mountain Training involving the beginning of the 71st among others.
Renown 5th Infantry Regiment's Chorus : this link is in memory of Don Sorenson by his son, Allin Sorenson. with photos and names of members of the group. He would like to hear from members.
Look what they have done to our Camp Carson in Colorado !!! Gone are the stables and humongous manure pile that we left in their charge. We are left with a strike force of highly skilled special troops and equipment of which we can well be proud.

Please let me know who you're looking for and what unit you were with when you email me.
Note: this does not replace the Red Circle News. Please add your comments, letters, searches for old friends in the guest book. .
Lyle S Storey, webmaster: lylestorey@directvinternet.com
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"Yoyo," 71st Div
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Proud member of the Mountain Artillery
U.S. Army, Retired

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