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The mind blowing new book by author Greg Wright.

(A fence is but a fence)
An assassin tells a disturbing tale as he carries out his actions.
(The Scepter of Athanasia)
A story set in medieval times about a scepter that perverts its wielders and the legions of men bent on destroying it.
(The matchmaker)
A comedy about a man whose friend has set him up with the oddest assortment of women imaginable.
(Top of the food chain)
Reanimated from a long state of cryogenic hibernation, a scientist from the past is the only person who can save humankind in the bleak future.
(Six Wishes)
An archeologist discovers a genie who grants him six wishes with the provision that he fulfils the genie’s own death wish.
Six people on a psychological journey lose themselves along the way.
An activist gives up a life of luxury to pursue his causes with catastrophic results.
(A girl named fate)
One man’s terrible secret causes his life to be systematically destroyed.
(In the shadow of the moon)
An ancient artifact that foretells the future has both beneficial and detrimental effects on its keepers.
(The alignment)
Two tall tales come together about how the Earth changed after a rare alignment of all the planets and moons.
(Thirty one days)
Thirty one spooky short stories woven into one about a small town during the month of October.
(Sleigh dream)
The holiday season is turned upside down when a deceptive snob returns home to his dysfunctional family.



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