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What is The IVA?
Most military veteran groups are rather nationalistic, such as the British Legion, the American Legion, etc. However, most ex-servicemen & women have many experiences in common, as the lot of a soldier doesn't vary too much from country to country. Being shot at or trying to make your money stretch until the next pay parade is much the same whatever uniform you wear. The aim of the IVA is to help military & other veterans from different nations to get together & maybe re-establish the camaraderie that we knew during our days in uniform. No politics, no racism, no 'my unit was better than your unit,' just some folk with a common experience keeping in touch & maybe getting together now & again. Interested?

So Who Can Join?
The IVA has three types of membership:

  1. MILITARY MEMBERSHIP. This is for those who served in a military unit, including army, navy, air force, marines, etc.
  2. POLICE MEMBERSHIP. This, as the name suggests, is for those who served in bona-fide police units.
  3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. This is for those who for some reason (i.e., served in a reserve/militia unit, etc.), do not quite qualify for either of the above, but who nonetheless are entitled to membership. This is decided on a case by case basis by the IVA.

If you are not sure which section you should join, then just send me your details using the email link on this page & we'll see. Anyway, whichever category you fit into, you are still very welcome. It's free, it's friendly & it's fun, so what have you got to lose? As one IVA member put it, 'The military is a brotherhood of its own' & as IVA members live in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa & Australia, there may be another member of the 'brotherhood' near you wherever you are!

Why Should I Join?

If you're looking for somewhere to brag about your heroic exploits, then maybe this is NOT for you. However, if you are a veteran who wants to network with others of a similar background, then maybe a better question would be 'Why should you NOT join!' It doesn't matter where you live as there are IVA folk all over the world. What's more, as the membership increases, imagine travelling to a new city & knowing there's a like-minded IVA member living there, ready to share a few beers & stories. As the IVA is still quite a new idea, I haven't yet made any concrete plans but what I would like to see is something like:

What you will NOT get is:

What's Next?

If all this sounds like it might be interesting & you feel like joining in, nothing could be easier. You begin by just filling in your details using the link below & then we'll get right back to you with details of how to join the IVA. Sounds easy? It is!

The emblems displayed on this page represent the units in which members of the IVA have served. In time, many member's units will have a page of their own, giving details of its history & distinctions together with details of the members who served therein. If you would like to see your unit's emblem displayed herein, just join up & tell me all about your old unit. 
To find out how to join the IVA
you can EMAIL US!

If you'd like to link with the IVA, please visit our link-to -us page
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'Here's to us!
Who's like us?
Damned few
& they're all dead!'


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