Sarah Stamford   

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth Abt 1824 Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland
Death 23 Jan 1902 Forestfield, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Census 1861 07 Apr 1861 Twizel Boat House, Twizel, Northumberland, England
Census 1871 02 Apr 1871 Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England
Census 1881 03 Apr 1881 Loanend, Berwickshire, Scotland
Census 1891 05 Apr 1891 32 Castlegate, Berwick Upon Tweed, England
Census 1901 31 Mar 1901 52 Woodmarket, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Occupation 1881 Living from income shares of fisheries

Parent Name
Father Thomas Stamford 
Mother Elizabeth Symington 

Personal Note(s):
Note Number Note Text
1 On 1891 census, listed as Sarah Young, Widow, living in Berwick Upon Tweed. age 68, birth place stated as Scotland. Margaret Scott daughter and Sarah Riddell granddaughter in same residence.

On 1881 census, listed as Young, widow, living in Loanend.

On 1871 census, listed as "head" of house, surname Scott, (widowed, but not remarried?), house name looks like "Aubrey House"

No sign of marriage to William Alexander Thomas Young in records for marriages 1866 to 1902


William Hope Scott   

Daughter: Elizabeth Scott  Born: Abt 1852
Son: James Scott  Born: Abt 1854
Daughter: Agnes B Scott  Born: Abt 1857
Daughter: Margaret Mary Scott  Born: Abt 1860
Daughter: Sarah Wilhelmina Scott  Born: Abt 1863

William Alexander Thomas Young