James Tofts   

Descendant of:
5 John Tofts 
4 George Tofts 
3 John Tofts 
2 James Tofts 
1 James Tofts 

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 24 Apr 1862 Pier Cottage, Sorbie, Wigtown, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Census 1881 03 Apr 1881 Pier Cottage, Sorbie, Wigtown, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Census 1901 31 Mar 1901 Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Occupation 1881 Wood Forester
Occupation 1 1884 Sailor
Occupation 2 1885 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 3 1886 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 4 1888 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 5 1890 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 6 1894 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 7 1896 Seaman (Merchant Service)
Occupation 8 31 Mar 1901 Master of the Saxon Maid
Occupation 9 1919 Retired Master Mariner

Parent Name
Father James Tofts 
Mother Robina Locke 

Personal Note(s):
Note Number Note Text
1 Master of the Saxon Maid during the 1901 Census.
See http://www.mightyseas.co.uk/marhist/lancaster/saxon_maid.htm
Seems to be same ship as website and 1901 census quote J Tofts being captain.
The Saxon Maid was lost on the 9th June 1901 off the Thames, near the West Shoebury Buoy. Still registered at Fleetwood and owned by Porter's Shipping Company, the schooner was in collision with the steamship Agamemnon, of Liverpool. The schooner was carrying whiting fish from Grays to Lancaster.

Sources :

The Saxon Maid was a schooner built to Special Survey at Matthew Simpson's shipyard at Glasson Dock, Lancaster. She was launched on Wednesday, 6th September 1871 and was christened by Miss Lamb, of Cockerham. The schooner was intended for coasting and foreign trades, and could carry 260 tons of cargo. She was to be managed by Edmund Porter, of Fleetwood. The first master of the Saxon Maid was Capt.Richard Bradshaw, who was lost overboard and drowned on a passage from Newport to Madeira in April 1872.

1. Launch reported in the Lancaster Gazette, Saturday, 9th September, 1871, and death of Capt.Bradshaw reported in the same newspaper, 27th April 1872.
2. Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1872-3: Saxon Maid, 137 tons, owned by Porter & Co., registered at Fleetwood, master Capt.R.Bradshaw.
3. Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1898-9: Saxon Maid, 148 tons, owned by Porter's Shipping Co.Ltd., registered at Fleetwood, master Capt.W.Jones, signal letters KNDL.
4. Wreck info from "Shipwreck Index of the British Isles" Vol. 2 by Richard & Bridget Larn - names master as Capt.J.Tofts, and states that there was a crew of six. Gives wind conditions as W force 1, so probably the ships collided in fog.


1. Sarah McKeand   

Son: James Tofts  Born: 02 Jan 1885
Daughter: Isabella Tofts  Born: 11 Jul 1886
Son: William Robert Tofts  Born: 08 Jun 1888
Daughter: Robina Lock Tofts  Born: 18 Nov 1890
Daughter: Sarah Tofts  Born: 15 Aug 1894
Daughter: Janet Agnes Tofts  Born: 23 Nov 1896