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My Family Tree The following trees are included
Tree 1 - TOFTS (paternal), Tree 2 - EASTON (maternal), Tree 3 - TOFTS (unrelated)

1881 Census Distribution - Tofts & Easton

List of United Kingdom Censuses

History of the Name Tofts

History of the Name Easton

Family Crests

Counties of Scotland

Links to Genealogy Sites

What is a first cousin, twice removed ?

Photo Albums


Awards Received

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Please note that the genealogy displayed on this website is a continuing research project. Changes to the data are made frequently as new sources are discovered. Much was supplied through the generous contributions of others. Mistakes occur. No guarantee is claimed. It is the responsibility of the user of this site to verify information against primary source documents before accepting as actual fact.

The Surname Tofts was listed in an Article in the Christmas 2004 Edition of
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