Genealogy Pages
Scotlands People Online Search of Scottish Archive with almost 80 million records to access.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy A list of over 291,330+ links for family history!
Genes Reunited The UK's largest family tree and ancestry website. You can search over 744 million names
                                in over 11 million trees for your relations. Search over 515 million official records.
LDS Family Search The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world.
RootsWeb The oldest and largest FREE genealogy site, supported by
                     Many useful genealogy aids including homepages, surnames lists, etc.
SAFHS The Scottish Association of Family History Societies founded on 4th October 1986.
LFHS The Lothians Family History Society. Find census, birth, marriage, death records and more.
Origins Specialists in British and Irish Genealogy Research. Featuring comprehensive and exclusive British and Irish record
               collections dating back to the 13th century, as well as rare and unique photos and books to browse.
Scottish Genealogy Society The Society is a charity which exists to serve everyone who has an interest in Scottish genealogy.
United Kingdom GENUKI Genealogical pages for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.
Free BMD Free Website with transcriptions of Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales.
The National Archives Records of the UK government from Domesday to the present. Family History, Military History and more.
Society of Genealogists Information on the Society of Genealogists. Family history library and education centre.
People Finders An introduction to genealogy with an overview of research techniques and commonly referenced documents.

Elstead Maps Great site for UK Historical Maps
Old Maps Another Great site for UK Historical Maps
Miscellaneous Genealogy

The History of Photography in Edinburgh by Peter Stubs; Including History of Photography in Edinburgh, Photos of Edinburgh
Bolton & Soltoun Parishes and their Churches by Norman D. H. Murphy; Genealogy and Local History of Bolton & Saltoun Parishes
The Internet Surname Database Discover the origin of your surname.
Calendar Creator Type in any month and year to see a calendar of that month.
Software all types All types of shareware including genealogy.
Genealogy Software Many genealogy shareware programs and utilities.
Family Tree Maker UK distributor of FTM and other Software and Data CD's
The Parish Chest is a large genealogical department store. Here you can buy data cds, parish transcriptions, UK census records

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Some of My Favorite Sites
These are links to various genealogy-related sites which I have found  helpful in my research.
I hope they'll also be a help to you.
I'd be interested in hearing about any sites you have found helpful.
Tofts Family Crest
The Tofts Family Crest
Addicted to Genealogy