History of the Name Tofts

From Old Scandinavian toft
'curtilage or homestead'; 'dweller at the croft or homestead'

Spelling variations include:
Taft, Tafte, Toft, Tofte, Toffts, Tofts, Tuffs and others.

First found in Cheshire where they held a family seat from very ancient
times, before and after the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Examples include:
Toft Cambridgeshire. Tofth 1086 (Domesday Book).
Toft Monks Norfolk. Toft 1086 (Domesday Book). Affix from its
possession by the Norman Abbey of Préaux in the 12th century
Norfolk. Stofftam (sic) 1086 (Domesday Book), Toftes 1199.
Tofts Family Crest
The Tofts Family Crest
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