My Awards

I would like to thank everyone for honouring me with these awards.
My thanks and appreciation go to the managers and evaluators of the awards programs who have honored my site.

There is a purpose to applying for awards: to gain knowledge about developing a well designed and accessible website.
This purpose is a function of both the seeker and the giver of awards

Click on the name of an award to go to the page on which that award is shown with the evaluator's remarks.

Rated Awards

UWSAG Awards

Award Sites!

Genealogical and Not Rated Awards

Artistic Designers Award

Art Space Award

Billy's Genealogy Award

Brenda and Lisle Award of Excellence

Connie Spindel Genealogy Award

Fantasy Girl Genealogy Award

Hawkins Family Genealogy Award

Heritage Award for Genealogical Websites

La Luna's Niché Genealogy Award

Len Kinley Awards

Malaika's Place Gold Award

Manitoulin Genealogy Award

Megan's Roots Genealogy Awards

Nodus Awards

Pegger's Place Award of Excellence

Renelf Simply The Best Award

Sixty Plus Genealogy Award

Texas Hunter Genealogy Award

TheWebuilders TS Awards

Val's Genealogy Award

Vintage Kin Genealogical Design Studio

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