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I would like to thank everyone for honouring me with these awards.
Please click on the award to visit and show your support for the awarding site.

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Connie Spindel Genealogy Award Presented August 2008
"Thanks so much for inviting me to visit your website. You have done a great job! Your pages are easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and packed with information. Very enjoyable to browse and doubly so I'm sure if one has a family connection. Please accept this award from Connie's Family History Pages in recognition of a job well done and appreciated by the genealogy community."
Connie Spindel
Malaika's Place Gold Award Presented October 2008
"Your site is very interesting and you do have a lot of beautiful photos from different places in Scotland.
I have decided that your site is worth my golden award. "
Best regards
Joan alias Malaika
Malaika's Place
Connie Spindel Award
Malaika's Place Gold Award