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I would like to thank everyone for honouring me with these awards.
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Timelines Silver Award - Awarded May 2009
"Thank you for your interest in Timelines Awards and inviting me to visit your site.
On your pages you give a very good explanation of Genealogy, "how we are related“. The visitor of your site can find many illustrating picture of places where Tofts ancestors have lived, black and white images also of former times, taken decades ago.
You have done a very good work, and spent a lot of time and a lot of research to build this very long family tree, going some centuries back into the history of your ancestors.
Your presentation includes personal data, the names of all the parents, events, partnerships, dates - what a big good work, arranged with a good navigation.
Congratulations, your site, "The Genealogy Homepage of Robert Tofts“ has won Timelines Silver Award. "
Fredrich Hornischer
Timelines Awards
Timelines Silver Award
Billy's Genealogy Award
Billy's Genealogy Award  - Awarded February 2009
"Your genealogy website has won Billy's Genealogy Award! "
Billy Burgess