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I hope you find the information on this site to be helpful and interesting.  I am new to this so please bear with me and don't be afraid to make me aware of any changes you think might improve this site.
The following links are related to my hobbies and I hope you find them helpful:
Amateur Radio Relay League, an organization dedicated to the preservation of and education in amateur radio.
When looking up amateur radio call sign info., this site is premier.  There are also numerous forums covering all aspects of this hobby
When considering equipment, eHam.net has thousands of reviews submitted by hams who have purchased and used the equipment in real life.  A great resource!
Quickly becoming an international favorite for both amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners alike!  The receiver on this radio, combined with the DSP is nothing short of fantastic! The Icom IC-746PRO is my primary amateur and shortwave radio and worth every penny !!
SPARC - The Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club.  This is the local 2 meter club to which I belong.
I enjoy transmitting in morse code (CW) and I am a member of  FISTS, an organization dedicated to education and preservation of morse code.  My FISTS number is 11436
Your Host!
A most incredible reference sight.  Rod leaves no stone unturned in his search for amateur radio related web sites. (2/16/08 - May he R.I.P.)
Weather Details
I use Bencher Iambic paddles as do hundreds of other hams
CMOS-4 Electronic keyer from idiom Press.
A great club that has truly re-kindled CW for "straight key" operators.  I am #1001.  Click on the logo to get to the Yahoo Groups SKCC home page.
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Click on the annonometer for LIVE Shoreham weather

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I have used almost every logging program available (it has cost me a fortune!). However I have found that CommCat offers the most bang for the buck.
Please click on "WEATHER DETAILS" for more complete data!
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