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Written after the death of his wife from cancer, C.S. Lewis' beautiful and unflinchingly honest record of how even a stalwart believer can lose all sense of meaning in the universe, and how he can gradually regain his bearings.

Visit Abbey Press, offering a several memorial/loss items, as well as a variety of Christian gifts and products.




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Check out these great books by Lee Strobel, a secular journalist who investigated the evidence for Jesus and the toughest objections to Christianity.

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Offering a new believers on-line guide.


Steps for new Christians.


A series of excellent articles with topics ranging from "How to find a good church" and "Why Christians need fellowship" to "How to receive healing" and "Witnessing".


A resource for new Christians.


About Us

Welcome to Little Lambs Childloss Support, a Christian website for parents, siblings, family, and friends who have experienced the loss of a child.  Please feel free to explore our many features.  If you have any questions regarding the content or design of this site, please email me at liamsmommy@hotmail.com with your suggestions.

What We Believe

We believe that God's highest purpose for us is that we would reveal the nature of Christ in whatever we do. Romans 8:29 tells us that "God destined us to be conformed into the image and likeness of His Son." 1 John 4:17 says,  "As He is so also are we in this world."

Just as Jesus' life was given for the redemption of the world, we also are to live and give our lives for the world around us.  "It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives through me."

(Courtesy of Frangipane.org)

For a more detailed statement of faith, please visit the FOTB website by clicking here.


"I remember questioning God after my first pregnancy: 'Why did you allow this to happen when you knew these babies wouldn't be born?' I now realize that God created all those little souls for a reason: they have eternal life. I consider it a privilege and honour to have helped to create life and to have carried those babies even for a short time." --Ellie Hrkach























































































































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