Pro-Suicide Websites
I'm afraid that by adding this page, people will be tempted to go out and search for one of these types of sites.

Nothing good comes from these sites. They're aren't "support" sites, like some may confuse them with. with all the media attention focused on pro-anorexia websites, saying that they encourage suicide, how have these actual pro-suicide sites gone unnoticed?

-a list of methods, very detailed, with chances of success and how long till death occurs
-often a mailing list or forum
-a list of suicide 'goodbye' notes from deceased members
-archives of forum threads and chat transcripts
-reasons for killing oneself

my friends megan and meghan and i are trying to get some of these sites taken down.

free speech is the right to express an opinion without infringing on the civil rights of others, including the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
these pro suicide sites obviously trample those rights to the ground.
express your opinion all you want, but you don't need to tell someone how to die.

and obviously its going to be extremely difficult to get rid of all of these sites, doubtful that will ever happen. but we've got to try. i don't see how these sites are even legal. one disclaimer explains that giving an actively suicidal person the link or list is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. so how in the hell are the webmasters and hosts not in jail???

i found one of these sites years ago
what i read stuck in my mind
january 2003, during one of the hardest times in my life...
i overdosed the "right" way
my exbf (whom i was living with) called 911 when he found me unconcious and convulsing.
after some time in the ICU, i'm ok. did some physical damage. but lived.
and i'm glad. sounds cheesy, but my life's better now.

i'm not saying that these sites will cause a healthy, stable person to off themselves.
i'm saying that they are life-threatening to someone who's depressed, suicidal, impulsive, and suffering impaired judgment. someone who uses this information doesn't get a fair chance at getting help. they don't get the chance to change.

I don't expect everyone to agree with what we're doing.
we've encountered plenty of opposition already.
however as of today (october 22, 2003) our online petition has over 370 signatures.

if you're interested, visit these sites for more info. even if you disagree, read what we have to say. i don't think it'll change your mind, but its worth a few moments of your time to educate yourself.

Megan's website to Help Stop Pro-Suicide Websites

The Online Petition
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