Civilization Civilization is everything in Florida that was made by humans. Florida has changed so much over the past hundred years due to human causes that you never quite know what you're going to find when you're exploring Florida's civilization...

Abandoned Sulphur Springs Water Tower- An abandoned castle-like water tower that once served the former town of Sulphur Springs, Florida. (Last Updated: 3/23/08)

Abandoned Cape Florida Lighthouse- is a lighthouse on Key Biscayne in a wonderful setting with views of the ocean, Downtown Miami, South Beach, Stiltsville, and more. (Last Updated: 6/24/08)

Roadside Attractions World's Smallest Police Station- This phonebooth on the side of the road in Carrabelle, Florida was once the world's smallest police station. Now it's just a roadside attraction. (Last Updated: 2/18/08)

Transportation Mount Dora Doodlebug- was part of a former senic railroad that was based out of Mt. Dora. The Doodlebug was a type of train that consisted of a powered passenger car. (Last Updated: 5/7/08)

Florida Everyone Forgot
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