Welcome to Florida Everyone Forgot! This website is all about stuff in the state of Florida that was forgotten, little known, strange, or just plain cool that most people don't know about. That's everything from natural springs pumping out millions of gallons of water each day to abandoned amusement parks.

Navigate your way through Florida Everyone Forgot using the menu above. Civilization is all about the places in Florida made by humans. Nature is all about Florida's natural features. The Blog page is about stuff in Florida that is worth seeing, but doesn't necessarly have enough content to warrant it's own page. In the Forum, you can discuss Florida with other readers, and be sure to check out the Links page for other websites that you should probably visit.

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Mt. Dora Doodlebug

Cape Florida Light- a lighthouse on Key Biscayne in a wonderful setting with views of the ocean, Downtown Miami, South Beach, Stiltsville, and more. (Last Updated: 6/24/08)

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