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susikkshit HR consultants

WE Have 35 yrs experience in HEADHUNTING , HR Consultancy and CORPORATE training

About us
We have experience over years to diagnose the efficacy of organizational processes, the leadership practices, organizational capabilities, and employee attitudes and ring about planned changes which will facilitate organization transformation efforts" to in at the market place and to have sustained competitive advantage in processes, man resource capabilities and building an adaptive organizational culture for sustained competitive advantage and organizational renewal.
In this direction we are offering services as an end-to-end HR Solutions Provider,
Our Consultants are with 25+ years experience in various facets of HR ,IR , EHS, Administration and Public Relations with various Large Indian Companies and MNCs across India & Abroad .
I Our team :

V.Sundar Rao- He is a MSW, BGL, IIM-A(2TP -3Tier Course.) with about 38 years of HR/IR/Admn/EHS experience in MNCs like Caltex oil refinery , Union Carbide, Coromandal Fertilizers, UB Group, RPG Group, and Saint- Gobain. Retired as Vice President HR from Saint- Gobain . He specialized in conducting training in OD, OB, People management skills. Also carried out Consultancy assignments on restructuring Organizations, Performance & Compensation management, Competency Mapping, Multirater feedback, Organization Diagnosis ,Internationalizing Managers, in many Indian organizations as well in USA , France, Thailand . Since last Four years he is into Head hunting, Corporate Training and HR consultancy with large industries.
Nirmala Garg :Post XLRI, career spanning 27 years has seen change, tansformations and paradigm shifts from basic personnel & administrative controls to human resource systems to organization development, nurturing human capital and relationship building. An enriched HR career playing multiple roles in operations, as mentor, as trainer & learning facilitator and as a consultant. . Has been Director Earnest & Young , and as VP-HR in TATA Business support services, with Exposure to diverse business sectors & product portfolios like IT, BPO, Telecom, Banking, Services, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Infra-structure & Construction
has helped her with plethora of strengths such as strategic leadership capability; the

ability to take through HR function from conceptualization to implementation of

business; Her competancies include Org Redesign, Climate surveys ,Leadership

. K.V. Raghavaiah- High caliber HR professional with 35 yrs experience in HR/ IR ,with Coromanel fertilisers and ITC both in the field and Corporate levels,having substatial international exposure in People Management both at operational & Strategic levels . Retired as VP-HR of ITC Corporate Group and currently visiting Faculty of premier Management institutes. As the General Manager - Corporate Human Resources for ITC Group, from 1999 – 2006 played an anchor role under the guidance of the Corporate Managing Committee, in formulating and actualizing the HR Strategy to cater to the emerging high growth business context and strengthening Organisation Capability through Talent Management, Leadership Development and Organisation Culture:. Focus was on aspects related to Shared Mindset, Organisation Culture, Talent Managaement (attraction, retention and development), Distributed Leadership, Strategic Capability Building, HR Capability, Performance Management, Organization Communication and HR Information Systems – for the success of business portfolios of the ITC Group. viz. FMCG including Cigarettes , Foods, Wills Lifestyle; Leaf Tobacco and International Agri Business; ITC Welcomgroup Hotels having tie up with International Hotel Chain Sheraton; Paper Boards and Packaging and Printing; and Corporate Functions at Kolkata.
Leveraging Development opportunities like :Top Management Program of Asian Institute of Management, Manila, (Alumni),Building Leadership Program of University of Michigan Business School,General Management and Human Resource Programs for Senior Management, of ITC Group,Management Development Programs conducted by ITC with India’s leading faculty and professors from global institutes like Harvard, Wharton, ISB, IIMs.


We are specialists in providing Strategic support in HR / IR (OB&OD) and tactical interventions . The business aligned HR systems and processes facilitate the HR deliverables in the entire business goal achievement process in an organization. The alignment of the HR systems and processes with the business needs to be thoroughly examined and re-looked. We provide customized HR consultancy service in diagnosis, understanding, developing and implementing HR systems and processes through conceptual and experience mix and constant interaction with the client.
• Culture Building , Integration of processes with values ,
• Leadership building
• Multirater Feedback ( 180 Degree evaluation to determine Individual employee Blind spots & Hidden strengths , followed up with Counseling for Action Plan to Improve.
• Organization Diagnosis / Climate Surveys
• Emotional Quotient & Mind mapping
• Performance Management Systems
• Competency Mapping
• Compensation processes
• Job evaluation
• Job evaluation thru Position descriptions
• HR Manual / Processes & Systems
• Recruitment processes /Psychometric tests/Assessment center
• 5 S , EHS, ISO , BPR, Quality Circles
• Strategic Industrial relations
• Right Sizing with / without VRS
• Union Negotiations / Discipline Managemen
• Mentoring & Coaching / Counseling

Managerial & Behavioural Training Modules ( each Module is for 8 hrs )

Module 1 : RECRUITMENT PROCESS ;job Design , Position description ,
Job evaluation and Techniques of Recruitment , Assessing candidates, Candidate
profiling , Campus interview models, Sourcing & profiling, Interview process ,
implementation of Instruments to validate suitability thru FIRO-B, Mind mapping ,
Competency valuation , Stress levels and EQ etc .Compensation fixation,

Module 2: Work culture : Work culture adoptability , cultural variations , Ethics,
Values, Etiquette, Language, Customs, work practices etc .

Module 3 : People Management – LEGAL COMPLIANCES : To enlighten Legal enactments / requirements (Both International and Indian ) ,implementation, compliance thru various Returns, Formats etc along with latest Judicial pronouncements.
Module 4 : MANAGING CHANGE :To diagnose, design and deliver change
processes for organizational transformation and utilizing change for development,

Module 5 : LEADERSHIP :To develop strategic leadership techniques and ability
to lead so as to achieve organizational goals and enable to take up higher levels of responsibility. Jack welsh Leadership concepts .

Module 6 : TEAM BUILDING:To develop the ability to work in team environment
and build ownership across the team and Development of coherent teams.

Module 7: COMMUNICATION & Body Language/ presentation skills;To develop
the ability to overcome barriers in communicating besides understanding of Customers perspectives and needs.and improve presentation skills .

Module 8 : MANAGERIAL EFFECTIVENESS :To improve Planning, Decision
Making, Problem solving and Delegation abilities.

Module 9: TIME MANAGEMENT & PERSONAL GOALS: To develop the
Ability to be more effective and productive, achieve greater control on time and
eliminate time wasters.

Module 10: MANAGING CONFLICT :To develop the ability to understand each
other and work together without causing negative conflicts or tension, and foster IP skills

Module 11 : EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE :To develop the ability to handle relationships and to assess their current EQ,

Module 12 : PERSONALITY TRAITS and TESTS:To measure the personality characteristics,to effectively manage them and selecting the right person

Module 13: TRANSACTION ANALYSIS, Ego states, Self Esteem:To make participants understand their own behaviour, as well as its impact on others, assess Ego states .

Module 14: MANAGING MOTIVATION:To identify the basic indicators used to
measure motivation levels. and to select appropriate Motivation tools to attain Goals .

Module 15 : PRESENTATION SKILLS:To enable the participants identify the
essential components of a presentation, overcome anxiety , and deliver effectively

Module 16: STRESS AT WORKPLACE :To develop the ability of the participants to recognise the symptoms of stress and manage their personal tolerances in stressful
situations, both inside and outside work.

Module 17 : CAREER and SUCCESSION PLANNING :To enable Managers to chalk
out career progression plans of their employees, and organisational succession plan

Module 18: NEGOTIATION SKILLS:Developing Negotiation processes, understand Roadblocks in Negotiation, and improve the Internal and external customer relations

Module 19 : MENTORING & COACHING:Techniques of Coaching to improve
individual performance, Key coaching styles (input and output), to integrate with goals

Module 20 : TRAIN the TRAINERS : Nuances of Training, Techniques, counselling,
usage of technology in training, design and deliver. So as to develop internal trainers


With the increase of competition in global market, organizations are looking at transferring resources and services of certain areas of their HR functions to the professional service providers. Consequently, we as a professional service provider enable you to conduct your business better and focus on your core business activity. We partner with you in your business requirements to provide you the customized HR outsourcing solutions. We offer a “one stop shop” for HR Outsourcing services, which are cost-effective and professional with high focus on deliverability. Our approach to outsourcing is to provide you with the solutions, which are cost effective, qualitative, and timely results driven. We help you to achieve business advantage with our in-depth understanding of key HR criticalities and solutions.
Our Esteemed Clients : ,

IDEA Cellular ,
GMR Industries ,
GVK Power ,
IJM frastructure
LANCO industries ,
Dempo Group ,
Priya Cements,
Dr Reddy Labs


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