Are you a survivor of child abuse?  Do you feel all alone like no one understands?  Are you a professional wanting to understand adult survivors of abuse?  Are you someone that loves someone that has suffered from child abuse and want to know how to help them?  Or maybe you just want to learn about how abuse effects people as they grow and mature?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then this site is for you.

This site is made up of a combination of survivors that have come together on line to share their experience, strength and hope with one another.  We are from all across the United States.  Some of us live in the same states and some of us live so far away we will never be able to afford traveling to meet each other.  Nevertheless, we have one thing in common we are all survivors of child abuse.  We have decided to put this web page together in hopes that you can get more than one persons insights on one web page stop.

The people on this web site did not necessarily know each other when we first started to put this page together but we all knew someone else who was interested in this adventure.  So in hopes of putting together a wonderful page with links to other pages for survivors we have all become friends.

It is amazing who all you meet on line.  You can get involved in Chat rooms, on email lists, or just get to know someone by running across their web page.  But no matter how we met on line we have made wonderful friendships and become supporters to each other.  We have  learned to reach out of our own pain and help someone else on line that may be still hurting from something we have already worked through.  Each and every survivor on line is in a different place in their recovery.

Through this web site we are hoping to make a quilt of survivors that will help carry the message of recovery.  Each square will take you to someone's page within this web site.  We each get to create our own page and then make a quilt out of it, by linking up all the squares on one page we have created a survivors quilt.  Something that we all hope will help someone else.

So sit back, relax, and get to know each of us as we begin to share.  You will find that with some of us you may relate really well,  with others you may try to compare.  We suggest you don't try to compare but just try to relate with each of us as we share our journey with you.

Click on each square to met each one of us and find out what interests us.  We hope that somehow we can help at least one person to not feel so alone, that there are many of us out there who understand the shame, guilt, and feelings that go with being an abused child.  We want to share how we have learned that it wasn't our fault and we can still grow to become very productive adults and live happy lives, despite what our abusers did to us.


Blair Team

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