First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my little part of the world....

I am 41 and I live in Nova Scotia Canada...I am the mother of 2 beautiful daughters
they are my life. I drive a school bus and I really love my job most days anyways....
You won't find anything to exciting here at my site I am just someone who loves doing this and hope that you enjoy too

I really enjoy Nascar, Carl Edwards is my man
Go 99....
My other past time is Tole Painting....I enjoy doing it as a hobby but have been pretty
slack at it the last little while...
so have to soon get my butt back in gear doing that...**smile**

I have a philosphy in life which is
**To Make at least one person Smile Every Day
and if I can make more than one person
Smile that is a added bonus**

I have an Angel Watching Over Me...............
Please Read this beautiful story of one of the best brother, father,
uncle, son, and husband in the world

In Memory of my cousin Brad
Family Page.....
My Best Friend
My New Addiction Paint Shop Pro
Pennies from Heaven...
Chat room...Come on in and lets Chat
Forever Friends
Do you Believe In Angels
Just a page of good feeling stuff
My School Bus Driving Buddies and Funny Stories (work in progress)
My Sister Trish and Earl's wedding pictures

Click here for more prom pics
As you will notice going through the site I am a little Angel Crazy, but that is not a bad thing for sure....I do believe that we all have a guardian angel just sometimes we can't see them around, therefore we believe they do not exist, but we can't see the air and the wind and we know they are there.....**SMILE**
My sister Trish and her husband Earl are going to be running in the Joints in Motion Run in 2007, they are running for our uncle Doug who has been stricken with very painful Arthritis.  In order for them to run they have to raise close to $8000.00 so if you would like to support them please contact me to get your Hope For The Long Run bracelet...I am going to be putting up a goal board to let everyone know where they are in their fund raising.....
This has been put on hold because Trish and Earl are expecting thier first child in Feburary
Click below to send me email, I would love to hear from you.....
Want To Know What Your Name Means
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Sometimes for some unknown reason when you get to the guestbook you have to click your refresh button......
Hurricane Juan and White Juan

take a look at how the weather system has played HAVOC on us Maritimers
Diabetes (Team Canada) Click for more information
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