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Life is beautiful.....

This is dedicated to the small things that happens in our life and the persons whom we meet daily but not recognised their positive impacts on us. I am a strong believer that small things matter more than big ones when it comes to be happy in life. I will be happy to get your feedbacks on my thoughts.

Let me begin with some refreshing, feel good and emotional stories which definitely make you feel happy as well as make you to think.

There is this story which i read long back but dont remember the story name or author. But this has touched my heart.

I want everyone to read and tell how they felt after reading.

One small girl around 10 years went to a big shop. She asked the shopkeeper to show her some good necklaces. She was looking poor and so the shopkeeper was showing her the cheaper necklaces, but there was one coral necklace inside the display which caught her eyes and she asked to pack it even without asking the cost of it. He asked whether she would be able to afford on that. And with great pride she told she has got lot of money with her. She told him that she wants to gift her sister the most beautiful necklace for christmas. He asked her to pay first and then she took a small bag and gave the shopkeeper and told that whatever she had collected from the beginning is there in the bag and he can take all of it.

Shopkeeper opened the bag and saw there were some coins in the bag which didnt account for one fourth of the price of necklace. He thought for sometime and then packed the necklace and gave it to the girl. She thanked and went happily. Next day a young girl came and she had the same necklace with her. Shopkeeper guessed that it would be the sister of the small girl. She came and asked whether the necklace belonged to his shop. He replied that it was and then a little girl bought it from him the previous day. She got astonished and asked whether the little girl paid for it. And with a smile he replied Yes, she paid more than what that necklace would cost. She paid all the wealth she had with her.

I dont know whether my story telling was effective. I am sorry if somebody has read the original and furious on me that how badly i have narrated it. But just think whether anytime we will be able to love someone like that and give everything we have for them.

Surely i dont think there can be anyone like that(except children, nowadays even they dont do that). Why is that? Everyone like to be in love, they claim they love their dear and near ones selflessly but can they really do what that small girl did? What do you think? Can anyone answer? 

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