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Saint Thomas More

Faith M. Sullivan, P.A.

12 years experience in Civil Litigation, 4 years in Teacher's Advocacy, 5 years in Human Resources

Faith M. Sullivan
UC Berkley; Columbia University Law School

Vine Van Zandt Thomas, J.D.

3 years as City Prosecutor, 11 years Corporate Contractual Law, 3 years Innocence Program

Vine Thomas
Dartmouth College; Harvard University Law School

Caroline Francis-Story, P.A.

16 years experience with Patent Law Matters

Williams College; Columbia University Law School

John Paul Desgranges, V

2 Years as City Prosecutor, 12 years Personal Injury, 9 years Mediation & Arbitration, 21 years Family Law Matters, 4 years Identity Issues

Stanford University; Harvard University Law School


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