The Magic Mirror

Ryan found the Magic Mirror when he followed his 4-year-old brother, Jimmy, into the attic of their new home. Jimmy was forever exploring, taking things apart, wreaking havoc. And Ryan was forever looking after him, saving him, and keeping both Jimmy and himself out of trouble.

Since the divorce, Mom was often tired, distant, and preoccupied. Her new boss, the new house, her new life as a single mother; it seemed everything made her nervous, and 10-year-old Ryan tried to help in anyway he could. He got good marks in school, looked after Jimmy, and instinctively knew to hug his Mom when she needed it.

But, sometimes, he wished he didn't have to be so perfect. Just once, he wished he could be bad. Not very bad, just a little. And then, he got his wish, when he and Jimmy found the Magic Mirror.

Stay tuned...

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