A Litter of Jack-Shihtz by Susana Rosende

When my sister, Lily, brought her male terriers, Fritz and Jesse, to visit, I was at the office and begged her by phone to please keep them away from my female Shih Tzus, because Lucky, the older one, was in heat.

(Lucky as a puppy)

(Lucky, grown)

Lily, who is a registered nurse, shrugged me off. "Lucky hates my dogs," she said. "Anyway, Fritz is fixed and she won't let Jesse near her!"

Famous last words. Lily, her son, and dogs soon moved out of town. And her Jack Russel Terrier, Jesse, left a calling card.

On February 27th, 2000, Lucky gave birth to a seven-pup litter of Jack-Shitz.

(Seven half-Shih Tzu and half-Jack Russel Terrier puppies)

Then two days after giving birth, Lucky developed a high fever. The Vet gave her a dose of antibiotics and advised us to separate her from her puppies (NOT an easy feat).

My sons, mother, kid sister, Melissa, and I bottle-fed with puppy formula, every 2 hours, round-the-clock until Lucky improved.

(My son, Brian, feeds a puppy)

Two of Lucky's puppies, (Snoopy and Einstein), live with my boys and me, two others, (Patricia and Scooby-Do), went to cousins in Tampa, one, (Jill), went to live with my first ex-husband's next-door neighbor, and the remaining two, (Jack and Daisy) reside with my second ex-husband and his wife.

Jill, the puppy who lived with my first ex-husband's neighbor, ran away and was never heard from again, but the others are still in the family and going strong at three years of age.

Needless to say, all dogs mentioned are spayed or fixed.

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