He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


Everyone wants to fall in love with the right person and live happily ever after. That is fine. Let's face it, real love is wonderful. But we who are but creatures of a Creator must remember that our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, has a great deal to say about love, marriage, and sex. What Jesus says about love, marriage, sex is for our own good. His laws about these things are the very best possible way for all man to live. History has proven that to be true over and over again.

When we buy an appliance or a car, we are careful to read the owner's manual that comes with that car or appliance. No one has to tell us that the manufacture of the appliance or car knows better than anyone else how to get the best out of that car or appliance. We understand why the warranty that comes with our purchase requires that we use our appliance or car correctly and not abuse it. We know that if we do not, the appliance or car will break down and the warranty will not cover the repairs. Well, the Creator of man has given us an owner's manual. That manual is called the Bible. If we obey God's Word, our lives are happy and work the way they are supposed to. Disobey God and we a miserable in this life and the next.

So what does God say about love, sex, and marriage? Here are some links to articles that will tell you. I have also recommend two wonderful books that will help you. Enjoy and may your love be blessed by God.

Why Wait For Sex?

Christian Courtship

What Scripture Says


bookcover I KISSED DATING GOODBYE Joshua Harris
Paperback - 235 pages (April 1997)$8.79
I have read this book. My husband used it with the youth group. We don't agree with everything Josh Harris says, but we do recommend a good 90% of what he says. I like his whole attitude about dating and the Christian's responsiblity. You will want you teens to read this book before they begin dating. It is wonderful.

Paperback - 192 pages (January 1984)$7.19
Most of the teens in our church have read this book. I have read this book. It is wonderful. No Christian parent of teenagers should be without this book. Read it with them.
Elisabeth Elliot's story centers around one pivotal question: "Does God want everything?" Her emphatic answer--"Yes"--is what makes Passion and Purity the foremost Christian book on dating ever written. Based on stories, journal entries, and letters chronicling her own five-year courtship with Jim Elliot, she gives frank advice, scriptural directives, and compassionate examples of what it means to follow Christ in the midst of heartache and impatience. The perfect antidote for those who flounder in the thinking that "the Bible doesn't say anything about dating," Elliot's short chapters are filled with nuggets of wisdom that spell out exactly the opposite. "Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone accept His lordship. The Cross, as it enters the love live, will reveal the heart's truth." Whether in a dating relationship, married, or pursuing a call to single life, readers will find Elliot's message challenging them to a true faith in a Christ who lovingly calls us to surrender all. --Courtenay Kehn




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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Why wait for marriage? What does God have to say about this issue? Recommended books for single Christians and parents of teenagers.


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