Spring and Easter Poetry

I love poetry. I have listed some of my favorite poems about spring and Easter below. Poetry becomes fun when the reader can say, "I have felt that way." Many of the following poems have that effect on me. Read them and see if the same thing happens to you. Some of those poems are song lyrics. I think you will enjoy them.

button April by Marcia Masters

This poem is a rollicking, dancing, happy spring poem. I feel this way every year when the weather first turns warm.

button Daffodils by Williams Wordsworth

This poem expresses why I plant more daffodils every fall.

button Plant a Garden by Edgar A. Guest

I love to garden. It is one of the most joyful and satisfying things I do. I know exactly how this poet fells.

button A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost

This poem is just fun.

button Millions of Strawberries by Genevieve Tagged

Read this poem and you will feel the hot sun and smell the berries. This is a laughing fun poem.

button I Meant To Do My Work Today by Richard Le Gallienne

Have you ever let the dishes go to ramble in the countryside for a little bit? I have and so has the author of this poem.

I have added some of my favorite hymns. One reason I love these hymns so is because they speak the truth. I have so very many but these seem to go with the season. I am sure I will add more yet.

button Be Thou my Vision Ancient Irish

This is one of my very favorite hymns. I love all of the verses.

button Be Still My Soul By Katharina von Schegel

This hymn helped me in a time of trouble.

button O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus By Samuel Trevor Francis

This is a wonderful hymn.

button This is My Father's World By Maltbie D. Babcock

Everytime I hear Clinton lie to me yet again, everytime I hear the evolutionist lie to me, or everytime I go outside and see the creation, I think of this hymn.

button And It Was Easter

This is a poem that expresses the true meaning of this holiday perfectly. May you read it and be blessed.

button Easter and Spring Poetry

I like poetry and song lyrics which are also poetry. I have included some of my favorite poems about spring and the season.

button Easter Recipes

It is time to cook some of my favorite dishes of the season.

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