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Both my husband and I grew up showing Quarter Horses.  It was the love a child has for a horse that brought us into the Miniature Horse world.  When we bought our first mini, Lady, for our daughter's 4th birthday.  This mare showed us that minis are truly little horses.  They are very willing creatures who are eager to share love and enjoy human contact.  None of the typical stubborn "pony" stereo type.  This is what really makes this guys such neat companions for the young and old alike!

There are two primary registries for Miniature Horses, American Miniature Horse Association and Amereican Miniature Horse Registry.  AMHA only recognizes Miniature Horses under 34" tall.  AMHR has two height catagories.  "A" division horses are under 34" tall and "B" division horses are 34" - 38" tall.  Unlike big horses Miniatures are measured to the last piece of hair in their mane instead of at their withers.

Miniature Horses do prove that big things can come in little packages!   We've searched long and hard to find the horses with pedigrees that best represent our goals.  Producing horses that are well balanced in mind, spirit and body.  Small, sound, versitale creatures possessing correct conformation characteristics.  Giving the onlooker the impression of symmetry, strength, agility and alertness.  Those bloodlines include:  Shadow Oak's Top Banana, Rhoten's Little Dandy, Prince Tennessee Monashee, Bond Showboy, Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, and Komoko's Little King Supreme,
just to name a few.  

We invite you to come and take a visit into the
Miniature Horse World,
but BEWARE...They'll cast a spell on your heart!
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