This patch is all about what Guiding used to be like when your Mum, Grandmother or maybe even your Great Grandmother was or would have been a Guide.
I have design this Letter the way a Lone Guide Letter would have been presented to Guides.They were very formal, had everything crammed into a page, reading and writing was the main way of doing activities and Guides had no choice in what they did. They were posted from the leader, to the patrol leader and the other patrol members until the last guide sent it back to the leader. They had to be handled carefully so that they made it around all the girls of the patrol in good condition.
Parents had to sign that the Guide had completed the clauses. The Guide had to declare she had completed the clauses to the best of her ability.

CLAUSES FOR 2004 & 2007

Campfire yarns

yarn1       yarn2      yarn3

Original Guide Laws

Life of BP

How guiding began

Unit History



(Completed at our 80th Birthday Camp)


Scarf Tie folding

Whistle and Hand Signals

Family Tree


Unit Flag (we had the Lone Standard at camp so used that)


    CLAUSES FOR 2005 & 2008

God Save the Queen.

Horseshoe & Marching

Flag history

Uniforms of yesteryear