Six pippins who came from Dipton, Gore, Wyndham and Forest Hill met at Hamilton Hall.

Made - or attempted to make –

Two Guides and our only Brownie also attended and put up a tent outside the window and we could see them.

Then we all travelled to Mrs Evans garden were the Pippins had a hunt for teddys and sort out their message and a 'bear hunt' - to find the little pottles of gummy bears.

Toss the Teds was very exciting although Lucy didn’t want to toss her teddy as he gets seasick!!

We then had time to explore the garden before having our Teddy Bear Picnic afternoon tea of the pikelets we made, tiny ted biscuits and sticky popcorn.

Olivia our Brownie planned the linking path of “Apples” and designed “Brownie Land” for Lucy & Abby to link from Pippins to Brownie. Olivia was also made a Sixer now there are 4 new Brownies. Erin & Mia couldn’t come to the linking.

Caitlyn & Emily also made their promise as Guides.

Here are some photos from our afternoon.