Our day was attended by 6 brownies (all 5 of mine plus a cousin who was staying for the hols, who is an active brownie at home) & 11 Lone Pippins and a number of Mum's, Gran's etc.

The day started with girls choosing their "bear"sandwiches for lunch and a game before the photographer turned up to take some pictures for the paper. Then we handed over to my ranger who was completing her Practical Leadership badge. Took the girls for 1.5hrs and did the Catch Bear Patch. Activities included catching a marshmallow, catching bubbles, making a bear magnet, folding & throwing paper dart and a number of games. She did a wonderful job especially as she didn't know any of the girls. All that could be heard was the laughter of girls enjoying themselves.

Teddy bear picnic lunch of "bear flavoured" sandwiches, tiny teddy biscuits, gummy bear lollies, flavoured milk, apple & orange 1/4's was quickly devoured.

Afternoon was 6 bear themed activities -
Forever Friends* jigsaws, teddy bear hospital health forms, Carebear tummy symbol matching*, bedroom doorhangers* with bear pictures on, songs about bears and a bear hunt - find 12 bears and work out the message.

It was all over too quickly. Finished with badge presentations - Paws for Brownies, Apples for Pippins and Practical Leadership for our Ranger. Then linked a pippin to brownies - so I have another brownie from 14th October.
  *These links are to site where I got the activity or the idea  
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