Well you will be if you do this month's badge. Clauses are in the Specialised Badge section of your Girls Guide.

Section A - you can choose whatever you like as long as you have access to the equipment. Get an adult to watch you do them and sign you off.

Section B - the website addresses below will help you with these.

Guiding websites


To find other guide unit websites go to my site the
links section

Or click on the front page webring logo and then choose one of these "rings". Click "next" and    continue like this. Each site should have a coloured or grey box. 

1b click on the webchat link on the left. Wait for it to download, then on the screen that opens click “connect”. Once connected click “Channels”. You should chat in #english or #youth channels. This is the same site that can be used for JOTI.

Sites to look at for other parts of the badge are Try the science or technology sections
This is a really cool site - takes a while to download but well worth the wait. Basic ideas for experiments & projects NASA’s official site for kids

To find how things work try this site

You may need to do an onsite search - type what you are looking for in the box at the top left

This site has a directory linking to other things

I'm sure that these will give you all the info that you need to do this badge.
I thought you would enjoy an indoor badge to work on now that winter is here.
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